Positive Thinking… Yeah, That Struggle

The dagger of my mind is that which I believe is there but I cannot touch. I have a dream but it is just that a dream (For now!) I would like to know how to make it manifest into reality but I think the biggest threat to doing that is my mindset.


Think Positive…. Easier said than done right.


I cannot tell you how many times throughout my life I’ve had this said to me. And deep down I feel like its good advise but for the life of me I don’t understand why it’s so hard for me to truly believe in.


I grew up in the church meaning I had a parent that would drag me to church every Sunday for Sunday school, morning service and evening service, every Wednesday for Bible study, and every Saturday for either children’s choir rehearsal, children’s usher board rehearsal, Christmas program rehearsal, or Easter program rehearsal. The premise of all those services though was faith. To have faith, you must think positive and believe that everything in life will work out for the good.


Though, life will have you sometimes thinking otherwise. But wait… I think this is where I always fall short with this positive thinking thing. I believe the point is to continue to think positive at all times despite what may actually be going on in your life.


But… most importantly… does it work?


I think we all struggle with this. There may have been times when I thought to myself: “Self… This situation is going to work itself out.” And then, the situation DID NOT end up working out. Why was that? Did you I not think hard enough??? Did another person involved think more positive about the situation working in their favor and against mine???


I’m not sure. But I want to give it a gallant try… because maybe the negative thinking is threatening the strength of my mind. And therefore, becoming a barrier to reaching my goals.


Guess what! I tried thinking positive this week. And… some interesting things definitely happened.


I think I will try it for another week and come back and tell you what I discovered.


Take it easy,



What is a dagger of the mind?

Many times I’ve thought to myself that I’m special. Not the short bus kind. But the “I think  I will leave a mark on this world” kind. Though, in my opinion this, being special (or wanting to be special) does not not come with some downfalls.

Life so far…hard! Probably for you too. Especially, if you have goals, dreams, and aspirations. The achievement of these things don’t come easy. And many times, the stress attacks the thing that holds these goals, dreams, and aspirations: the mind.

I was in class recently and a teacher of mine referred to the “daggers of the mind,” which I believe comes from the Shakespearean play “Macbeth.” I was so obsessed with this reference even though she just mentioned it in passing. I wrote it down in my notebook. I was just so attracted to it. I basically didn’t listen to the rest of the lecture.

Later, I took the time to research the reference and saw that it was included in a monologue in the play “Macbeth.” I looked at the Patrick Stewart version of the monologue on Youtube (which was awesome) and realized why I was so attracted to this statement. What is a dagger of the mind? I don’t know. But I will attempt to tell you what it is to me and why I feel I was so attracted to it… later. 😉

Take it easy,


P.S. Check out that Patrick Stewart version of the Macbeth monologue!